Steve Harris

LEAD Pastor

Pastor Steve is responsible for setting the
vision of the church and is the primary
preaching and teaching pastor.
Tel. (606) 324-7520 ext. 106

Bob Hunt

Executive pastor

Pastor Bob works with all teams to ensure success within their specific ministry areas in accordance with the vision set by the Lead Pastor.
Tel. (606) 324-7520 ext. 104

Missy Harris

Pastor of children's ministries

Pastor Missy leads our Children's Ministry Team and is responsible for kids from birth through 5th grade.
Tel. (606) 324-7520 ext 128

Peter Hall

Pastor of Youth ministries

Pastor Peter leads our Youth Ministry Team and is responsible for youth from 6th grade through 12th grade.
Tel. (606) 324-7520 ext 129

Pat Greene

Church Treasurer

Pat is our church treasurer and can help you with any donation or online registration issues. 
Tel. (606) 324-7520 ext. 116

Aaron Bowling

Director of bands

Aaron leads our worship band and praise team. He is also the leader and director of the Wildwood Worship Choir.

Ryan Lynch

Stage Director

Ryan is responsible for set design and stage prep.